Meet Finley

Hi furr friends!

1st I stole my dog mom's heart, then I stole her bed, lol!

No literally..
my new dog dad's rule was no dogs on the furniture, especially
the bed. 


Here is a little ole story about me, ….It all started back in March of 2020, when the world and all the hoomans were going through this thing called the Pandemic. A couple weeks before the Pandemic started my original owner returned me back to my dog breeder. They purchased me with the sole intention to have me as a show dog. Unfortunately, I was unable to maintain show weight, so I was returned.

My new dog mom was looking for a puppy but knew I needed a good home, so she decided to take a chance on me. I was a fussy furr dog at first and did not really like my new dog dad, but I felt safe with my new dog mom: Chenee Marx. Chenee was really sweet and showed me so much dog mom love, so it was tough not to love her. She spent everyday and I mean everyday for 2 entire pandemic years working with me. We literally are like peas & carrots. She walked me in the mornings, cared for me, took me to the vet for my checkups, worked 2x a month with a dog trainer and even introduced me to a thing Hoomans enjoy, …. called: Netflix & Chill. Needless to say we were basically inseparable.

Now we're like the best of furr friends! I even passed my Public Access Test during the pandemic and assist my dog mom as a Service Dog when she needs me.

Finley's favorite quote:

"If you want the best seat in the house'll have to move the dog."

things i love

Walks on the beach

Traveling on vacay with my family

Pup cups from Starbucks

Netflix & chill with my dog mom

LIFE IS better
with a dog

TRAVEL. dog mom life. WALKing & more..